Malik Faraoun

18 years of experience in project finance with significant professional experience accumulated in originating, structuring and executing privately led projects and public-private partnerships, managing complex institutional relationships with most-senior government and business leaders. Malik is currently a Director of Themis, a leading a project developer and investor with an exclusive focus on incremental renewable power generation assets in Sub Saharan Africa. Previously he was a Director at the World Economic Forum as Head of Community Development for the Middle East and North Africa where he led the Forum’s strategy, content, programme and the overall engagement with top business, government and civil society leaders across the region.

Prior to that he was acting as the Principle Investment Officer of the African Development Bank’s (AfDB) Africa 50. As one of the founding members he led technical activities for operationalizing the USD 3bn investment vehicle dedicated to African infrastructure with a focus on feasibility analysis, financial modelling, fundraising and pipeline development. Also, as a Principal Investment Officer of AfDB, he participated in closing of over a dozen project finance transactions amounting USD 1.5 bn investment using multiple instruments by leading the due diligence and structuring of infrastructure projects across the African continent. Before joining the AfDB, Mr. Faraoun had worked for the International Finance Corporation (IFC) essentially in its advisory services in the Middle East and North Africa Region. Prior to that, he had worked in private banking and consulting services. Malik holds an MBA From EDHEC (France) and an Executive Master in Global Leadership degree a joint programme of Columbia University (USA), Wharton (USA), INSEAD (France), London Business School (UK) and China Europe International Business School (China). He is a citizen of Algeria.